5 things that Women with great skin do before going to bed

May 29, 2018

Never Sleep with their make up On

Sleeping with make up is an invitation for clogged pores, blackheads and break outs. Having a day and night skin routine ensures a clean, healthy skin.

The first step to the night skin routine should be taking your make up off. You can use miscellar water or go directly into your cleansing routine to take the day off from your face.


Double Cleanse

Double Cleansing is a technique used to first cleanse your skin with an oil-based cleanser to take out makeup, sebum and sunscreen and then washing with a water-based cleanser to take out sweat and dust.

Through the day the skin collects a lot of impurities and bacteria and needs washing (....continued)


(....continued) I have really dry skin and use a combination of oils that suit my skin to cleanse my face, I then take a hot towel and wipe out all the make up and grime from my face. 

I use a mix of one part tea tree oil, one part castor oil and 2 parts jojoba oil for cleansing my dry skin but you can pick and choose an oil based cleanser from the market as well  

I then use a water based cleanser and wash my face to take out dust and impurities.


Use a Night Cream

A dollop of night cream to give the skin necessary moisture is a habit of women who look after their skin.
A night cream repairs and tightens the skin as you get your beauty sleep.

I work in a serum in between my double cleansing and night cream. The night cream you pick is based on what your skin needs. It can be anything from acne treatment, nourishing, anti ageing or wrinkle treatment.


Change their pillowcase regularly

If you sleep on your chest then changing your pillowcase is a must. Pillows store a lot of dust and bacteria which come into contact with your skin and lead to blockage of pores and other skin problems. Never sleep on dirty pillows.

Click here to find out how dirty your current pillows are


Apply an eye cream

Don’t ignore the soft sensitive skin around your eyes, since it’s most prone to ageing and looking tired or puffy.

My favourite product to apply around the eyes is Vaseline petroleum jelly, it hydrates, delays appearance of fine lines and makes your eyes look radiant and well moisturised. You can click here to check out a DIY on how to get rid of under eye circles


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