Beauty products to avoid to not look sweaty in summer!

Mar 24, 2018
beauty products

Beauty Products in Summer time require a change.

You don't need to make a lot of changes in what you carry in your make up kit but just by making a few changes you can look summer ready and perfect.

There are some products that i totally let go off in summer and some i customise to look sweat free and fresh. Here is a look at the 5 things i am careful about with my summer make up and beauty regime. 

beauty products

Reduce the Gloss

I am an ardent fan of matte lipsticks and summer is my reason to run to them. Glossy lipsticks have too much moisture and feel heavy on the lips so I totally avoid them. But if my matte lipstick feels too dry, I just rub some lip balm on my finger tip and glide it on my lips.

I also have this weird notion that glossy lips make me feel unreal and in summers they give an impression of being ‘sweaty’. So my spring summer make up range says 'store the gloss'!

beauty products

Glow but don’t sparkle

Another product that goes in the storage cabinet is my strobe cream. Strobe creams have a lot of shine, and I usually use them on my cheeks and mix it in my foundation during winters to give the face a dewy feel. But the dew feels like sweat in summers so I go easy on the strobing and highlighting.

I stay away from shiny eyeliners and eye shadows as well, especially if it’s a day look that I am creating.

beauty products

Waterproofing comes back

As the heat begins to rise, I put everything that is not waterproof aside. Especially eyeliner, mascara and Kajal. Imagine standing under the sun and sweating and smudging everything. How horrible would that be!

So waterproof eye makeup makes a huge come back in my make up kit in summer. In winters I tend to use drugstore products which are not waterproof but that is something I avoid doing in summers.

beauty products

Keep it Neutral

Really loud colours and bright shades are something that I reduce on using during summer time. Cool shades, nudes and light pinks are my most favourite shades to use for lipsticks. For eye shadows, aqua blue, aqua green, nude palettes, peaches and pinks are what I prefer.

Anything that doesn’t remind people of scorching heat when they look at my face works for me

Beauty Products

Reduce the caking

I Let the heavy foundations go and switch to water based foundations instead of oil based foundations in summer. I also move to foundations that are liquid instead of cream since cream feels heavier on the skin.

My winter skin care routine includes a lot of oils and oil based products but I choose products which have cooling ingredients like green tea, peppermint, cucumber etc. for my skin care. Don’t forget to use these tips to get summer ready!


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