DIY 5 Steps to no smelly armpits!

Mar 20, 2018


Begin with a good body wash that leaves you smelling like vanilla or cherry or any other fragrance you like. With so many types of body washes available in the market, you can pick something that suits your skin type and also fights germs that cause odour.

I love how handmade soaps are taking over the good old body wash. I use a tea tree and activated charcoal handmade soap from Alanna for you. You can try from many flavours and fragrances available in the market 


Step 2

Do not skip the towel dry step, pat your skin with a clean towel and stay dry to avoid any fungal infections and bad body odour.

Moisture in the skin leads to a lot of skin trouble and also to odour since the folds of the skin become the breeding ground for fungus and other germs.

Always air out your wet towels and make sure they are washed off any germs and dust frequently.


Step 3

Use a good roll on deodorant, I recommend a roll on over a spray because if you like using perfume, the roll on won't overtake the fragrance of the perfume.
Rub the roll on generously on your underarms, behind your knees and any other areas prone to more sweating.
There are some good roll on deodorants available in the market, you can pick between brands like Nivea and Dove.


Step 4

If you like spray deodorants and can’t afford a perfume, skip the roll on. Make sure you spray the deodorant on your body and not on your clothes.

But if you love your perfume and want to make your perfume last all day, read the next step


Step 5

After STEP 3 , cut the chase to step 5.

Apply a little Vaseline on your wrists, behind your ears and then wear your perfume , the Vaseline will lock in the undertones of your perfume and make sure you keep smelling fabulous all day long.

This is a must try tip to make your perfume last longer. Use these 5 steps and have a refreshing and odour free summer. You can also read about how to use Vaseline to stay young by clicking here.


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