DIY technique that actually works on under eye dark circles!

Feb 25, 2018

Damn those dark circles under the eyes, colour correct them, conceal them, you don't want to reveal them! 

After trying numerous creams and cooling them with cold green tea bags and slices of cucumber, i felt exhausted. On no make up days they looked even worse. 

Until i tried my magical DIY method...

What you will need
The DIY ingredient is simple, inexpensive and you do not need a visa or a relative abroad to get it. It's a simple soft gel capsule of Vitamin E. Just buy yourself a few capsules from the closest pharmacy. Find a common pin and you are ready to roll!

These are the only two things you will need to say bye bye to your dark circles. And ofcourse discipline and not giving up after two days of trying would be a plus!

What to do and how to do it
This process should be a part of your night time beauty routine. After you are done cleaning your face and just about calling it a night, take a Vitamin E soft gel capsule and puncture it with a pin or any sharp object that takes it out without spilling the gel everywhere.

Squeeze the capsule gently and massage the gel around your eyes. Don't rub in too hard. Let it stay overnight and wash it off with water in the morning.

Can Vitamin E oil be used?
The answer is yes. I use soft gel capsules since i find them easy to use and carry around when i travel.

You can also use Vitamin E oil in the same way. Just make sure the oil you use is organic and pure. Read the label and make sure it is not mixed with chemicals since you will use it on your eyes and natural products don't cause any side effects.

When will you see the results?
I started seeing results within 10 days but i also worked on my life style. I got minimum 8 hours of sleep, drank lots of water, tried to reduce whatever little stress i could reduce from my packed corporate life.

If you are a smoker, try kicking the habit. Not only it is unhealthy, it is also very damaging for your skin. Try eating lots of greens, eat seasonal fruits and give your skin the nourishment it needs. As much as DIY remedies work, they can't work without the much needed lifestyle changes.


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