This Women’s day, Celebrate the power of one! One woman, One Lipstick

Mar 4, 2018
Women's Day

This Women's Day celebrate the power of one! There are many things that make a woman and some of those things can also be bought off a counter.

Today we celebrate the power of one such thing. That one red lipstick that defines you and adds a little pop to a regular day.

This is an honest review, i didn't get a free lipstick from Mac and i didn't get money to write this. A lot of make up bloggers confused me with a hundred lipstick options and i only needed one. One that was worth it, one that lasted and didn't make me try and buy a thousand others till i found the 'One'

women's day

Ruby Woo was launched as a part of Mac’s Retro Matte collection in 1999. It became so popular that it became a part of their permanent collection.

A Mac Ruby woo lipstick is sold in India every 5 minutes! 

So many make up artists swear by it and Rihanna loves it so much that Mac even came up with a limited edition retro matte Mac Riri Woo lipstick named after her.

Women's Day

'A long-wearing Lipstick formula with intense colour payoff and a completely matte finish', the Ruby Woo from Mac stands true to its description. I first saw it in a friend's vanity bag and she went on and on about how great it was.

I bought it in a jiffy and on an impulse. I realised it is extremely matt due to which it is important that you moisturise your lips before wearing it and use a lip primer to get the best results. 

A little DIY lip scrub before you start is also not a bad idea.

women's day

For those who have a full pout, Mac's Ruby woo is a dream come true, for thinner pouts like mine, you have to define the lines with a lip liner or a lipstick brush and then fill the lips.

After i have sung it's praises, the essential question running through your mind must be,"Is it transfer resist?" The answer is No and it will require a touch up if you eat, drink or kiss!


women's day

Everyone can wear the Mac Ruby woo.

I am wheatish and i wear it. Many of my friends are fair and they rock it too!

I am a minimalist and i just have one red lipstick which is all powerful and compliments a lot of make up looks.If you are looking for the perfect red lipstick then you can go for this lipstick. Maybe this is the one for you. 
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