Basic Fitness Clothing: what you need and what you don’t!

Oct 25, 2018


Just the other day, I happened to step into the gym after a long long time and felt an upsurge of astonishment looking at the gym bros and babes, dressed in gym attire that they might have spent hours planning. For a newcomer, all that can be really overwhelming. Gym clothes for women can confuse us all; browse through the collection online to find more options! 

Do I need those gloves? Should I pick up track pants or the bottom hugging tights, considering I might not want anything hugging the bottom I am still trying to tone, do I need a special gym bag to stuff all my things, do I need a sports bra, do I need new gym t-shirts or can I put my old ragged night time T-shirt to a double duty and just wear it to the gym considering I break into sweat just by entering the gym.

If all these questions are mind-boggling, look no further, here is your essential gym attire guide that will help you steer clear of gym wardrobe abuse and malfunction

Buy that sports bra

gym clothes for women

If you are trying to lose some weight, skipping can be a great option for you, but make sure while you skip, you don’t give the sports bra a solid skip. You don’t want the girls to have bad support while you do all that effort in the gym. Choose a sports bra that fits but doesn’t suffocate you. Wear it to the gym daily, even on the days when you are not doing cardio and are only concentrating on weight training. Sports Bras are designed to make your work out easier and less awkward.

Nope, the bedtime T-shirt is not made for the Gym

gym clothes for women

Gym t-shirts are made of special fabric that helps you stretch and bend easily, even when you sweat the easy drying fabric keeps you away from building a nest of bacteria in your armpits and cleavage. The oversized t-shirt that you wear to bed might get trapped in a machine or two and are absolutely a bad idea!

Joggers or leggings or shorts? If you are stuck at that choice, think about what sort of gym activity you do, if you are into Pilates, yoga, spinning, or even into cardio and weight training, pick up a nice pair of leggings. Flex, stretch, squat or cycle, you will stay comfortable and your movements will not be restricted by fabric that can tear off or get trapped in a gym machine.

If you are a runner and feel really comfortable in shorts that buy those gym shorts and make a sprint for fitness.

Gym clothes also give a reason to feel motivated at the gym, they add glitz to an otherwise difficult workout routine and that is exactly why I like to revamp my gym clothes every now and then. I am also guilty of wearing my gym leggings on a regular day with a cute top and on long-haul flights.

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