5 Movies that focus on religious equality in India

Oct 9, 2018


India, a beautiful land of diversity where people from various religions live and thrive together.

Though freedom has been a fundamental right, the country has often witnessed some religious turmoil. This eventually translated to religious equality becoming a topic that many filmmakers addressed in their movies.

  1. MULK (2018)

I recently watched Mulk on ZEE5 and wondered, can Rishi Kapoor get any better than this? He plays the role of an aggrieved Muslim father who is trying to fight off the ‘terrorist’ tag after an allegation on one of his family members which makes the entire family lose its respect in the society. It’s a courageous film, highlighting how one should never judge someone without knowing the complete truth. The film is an honest attempt to give a message of religious equality and has Taapsee Pannu who proves that she can surely excel in any role she plays.


Rishi Kapoor’s performance feels incredibly real. He looks well prepared and like most of his films, he has attempted a new look in Mulk as well. I say this film should be watched for sure.

2.Dharam Sankat Main (2015)   

Dharam Sankat main is a hilarious film. The protagonist Paresh Rawal is adopted by a Hindu family only to find out later that his biological parents are Muslim. He tries to learn the ways of Islam and keep the face of being a Hindu side by side. The film makes one reflect on the religious practices and beliefs which are averse to other religions and teaches the lesson of religious solidarity in a light-hearted fun way.


3.Oh My God (2012)

Oh My God was a blockbuster and was known for all the logic Paresh Rawal threw around religion. There are significant scenes in the film where the protagonist Kanji Lalji Mehta played by Paresh Rawal beautifully talks about how every religion represents peace and solidarity. The film has some fun moments and is a film which will make you think and smile at the same time.




4. My Name is Khan (2010)

The film highlighted the worldwide scepticism towards Muslims after the 9/11 incident in the USA. A young boy gets killed due to the religious tension against Muslims, following which his father Rizwan Khan, played by Shahrukh Khan takes a journey to meet the President of the United States of America to deliver a message that his religion doesn’t make him a terrorist.


5.Mr And Mrs Iyer (2002)

The message of Humanity takes over religious preferences in this beautiful film where Meenakshi S Iyer, a staunch Hindu Brahmin woman played by Konkana Sen Sharma becomes a pretend wife to Raja Chaudhary, a Muslim man played by Rahul Bose, just to save him from an extremist mob. Small moments like how they share a bottle of water, which is far from acceptable by Meenakshi, her reaction towards Rahul Bose make the movie a realistic representation of people and religion in India today.

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If you haven’t watched these movies yet, put them on your watchlist right away. If you have, then let me know what you thought about them by sending me a message through my contact tab.

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