Sep 19, 2018

What is a Bollywood film without ‘Dhansu’ dialogues that you can throw at someone between a dramatic discussion!

Oh how I love films with punchy dialogues, but I believed most of these dialogues came from the male actors of Bollywood until I watched Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Kangana Ranaut speaks the saucy tongue of every woman who has ever taken a ride in the relationship boat proving that she is a queen, both on screen and off screen.

When it comes to these 7 dialogues from Tanu Weds Manu returns, I bet every woman agrees to Tanu aka Kusum aka Kangana Ranaut

Tanu weds Manu returns

  1.  “Reebok nahi toh reebokey sahi!”

When Tanu discovers that her ex-beau is in love with a woman who is her third copy, just like most of the Louis Vuitton bags sourced from China, she gets all riled up and makes her opinion on Manu’s new girlfriend crystal clear. After all, any woman your ex-dates after you is bound to be inferior to you? Isn’t it?

tanu weds manu returns

2.“Tum Jaiso ki na dikkat hai, zara hass kar baat kar li, tumhein laga ladki set ho gayi!”

All women have been there, you hang out with your male friend too much and he thinks you are into him or you are easy and available, Kangana Just nailed this one when Chintu declares his love for Tanu, we need more of that sass to set the record straight.

tanu weds manu returns

3. “Kya Sharma Ji, hum Thode bewafa Kya Hue, aap to badchalann Ho gaye”

In a scene loaded with emotion, when Tanu finds out that her husband Manu has fallen for another woman, she calls him ‘badchalan’, the word which was always used for women by Shashi Kala and the neighbourhood ladies in Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut reserves it for a man. Breaking the sexist stereotype eh!

tanu weds manu returns

4. “Iss aadmi ne meri zindagi Jhannd Kar rakhi Hai”

Says Kangana Ranaut about her on-screen husband Madhavan in Tanu Weds Manu returns, the dialogue every woman said to one man or the other! You rock girl!

tanu weds manu returns 5. “Halat dekhi hai? Adrak ho gaya hai ye aadmi, Kahi se bhi badh raha hai”

This dialogue is my most favourite, Tanu and Manu storm into a marital argument and she complains about her marriage losing excitement and her husband losing his shape. She speaks the mind of every woman whose man has gone complacent and gauged on too many paranthas. Round isn’t such a great shape on men as well!

tanu weds manu returns

6.“Ke kar raha tha bahan faela ke, yo jagah se Shah Rukh Khan bannan ki” 

Exactly! Romance is an art, when will men learn the finer things in life?

tanu weds manu returns

7.“Tumhari Life sirf Boring ho gayi hai, uske liye iss 70 kilo ke boredom ko apni chaati par baithane ki zaroorat nahi hai”

Why marry out of boredom? All the ladies will agree to that, who says a man breaks the monotony, and who needs a man to make their life exciting? Tanu says take a break, ‘Break the monotony!’

Watch this awesome film full of a wonderful star cast and mind-blowing performances on Zee5 with your girl gang and tell me if you relate to any more of Kangana Ranaut’s killer dialogues.





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