Admit it! If you do these 5 things, then you are a social media stalker

Jun 14, 2018

Sign number 1

You absolutely hate privacy shortcuts and settings.

There is no way to beat those, pictures become inaccessible and there is no way for you to show your friends how ugly his new girlfriend is, how are you going to know whether they broke up or not because the moment they do, she is going to put up one sloppy heartbroken status message which will be your clue to go running to him to lend a shoulder to cry on, and the heart is not far from the shoulder. 

Damn! the privacy settings!


Stalker Sign 2

You have panicked after liking someone's picture on their Facebook or Instagram profile more than once and every forum which talks about whether they will find out that you liked their picture even after you unliked it within seconds has been read by you!

It is getting tedious, you used to love touch screen phones but now you are very careful just like a swift cat on their noiseless paws while you move from profile to profile, of friends, family and past lovers of your victim. You, my friend, are a Social Media stalker!


Stalker Sign 3 

You have just made your second profile and put up the picture of a random pretty girl that you found on the internet.

The profile handle is very innocent, you were initially confused between cute princess and innocent angel, but then you flipped a coin. 

Now you use this profile to send follow requests to those whom you want to stalk. You have full access to their profile and can see their activities, check-ins, friend lists, status messages and they don't have the slightest clue it's you!



Stalker Sign 4

You are still on Snapchat even after everyone has left it. Your presence has been seen on every social media starting from Orkut to Pinterest, you have also expanded your wings to Linkedin because if you have to know something about someone then there is no reason you should not know about their workplace and career history.

You have left no social media untouched, your phone is full of all the apps required to find out every trivial detail about the one you are stalking. (cont)



(cont) You also know what they will look like when they get old, what animal they are most likely to be, which celebrity matches their qualities and you know the results of every other personality test they have taken on facebook!

No one is better at this than you! In fact, you are thinking of taking this up as a career to help your friends in distress!
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Stalker Sign 5

You are full of juicy gossip sourced from Social Media Stalking. Your friends turn to you to find out who went where with whom and when and you never disappoint them.

You are the gossip girl of the gang and even when you are caught in a situation where you meet a complete stranger, you friend them on all the social media networks and come up with a detailed analysis of their life from the day they were born to the day they met you in just about a few minutes. (cont)



(cont) You know your way around privacy settings and hidden profiles. You have secret weapons like common friend profiles and fake identities and that makes you extremely dependable when it comes to finding it all!

Thinking of yourself in a new light as yet? Maybe you should if you have more than 2 of these signs you just got yourself a new title! Congratulations, social media stalker!

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