Ranveer Singh and the Bollywood Experience: A Silly Tale

Jul 17, 2018

ranveer singh

Like many others, at some point in my life, I have truly admired someone unattainable.

Like these days I am majorly crushing on Ranveer Singh and I realize that I am drooling on some of his clad pictures where he looks like the guy next door. I am not huge on abs and shirtless-ness but It’s safe to say I am a true fan.

You would see me waiting for his next ad film and watching a movie just because he is in it but then it’s all very subtle. I would behave like it’s all cool and rather than going overboard on how awesome he is, I would make some intelligent observations about the story and the music and the dialogues. I would then sprinkle a few compliments on how well he acted like a baker puts the icing on a cake, just enough but not too much.

Sometimes, I read the comments under his pictures and see smitten girls leave way too many kissing emoticons, I smile and then think, man! I can never do that. My heart doesn’t sink on rumours of him getting married and I don’t take him to bed with me in my head. That doesn’t mean my admiration isn’t true.

I admire the man’s ability to shower love on the people who ask him to pose for selfies, I think celebrities have the toughest life, they are constantly watched by people and sometimes judged too harshly but they still have to be at their best behaviour despite being angry or having a bad day.

I work in the media and I have acted really smug around many celebrities until I recently got over myself. I remember meeting Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Both times I kept typing something on my laptop like I was running the world, our eyes met and I looked away both times! How smug you might think, but in my head, I was thinking, I am going to let these girls take a break from another random person asking for a photograph. Many people know I love Priyanka Chopra and idolize her, yet I stayed quiet and just typed vehemently.

ranveer singh

It was a different deal when I met Sunny Leone, I went up to her and told her how truly beautiful she was. In her, I saw a wonderful person and we even posed for a picture together. I have a reason as to why I made that exception, I hate that people judge her so much and I thought I am going to tell her that she is amazing, which she truly is.

By the time I met Suniel Shetty for a work-related meeting, I was completely sane and I thought as long as you are respectful and not violating their space (yes celebrities have a personal space too), it should be okay. I complimented him and we had a chat in his Versova office, and I was perfectly behaved, not smug at all and not drooling either.

In the hallways of my workplaces, I have since met KK Menon, Naseeruddin Shah, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and many others. I have nodded or said Hi if I have crossed their path and I haven’t bothered them for a picture because I believe in personal space.

Yet I do hope I meet Ranveer Singh soon, a tryst with my favourite will be my true test, whether I will be smug, I will drool or I will faint is a question I can answer only once I meet him.

Till then, Go Team Ranveer!

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