Snapchat it! How to rule snapchat, a guide based on real-life observations

Jun 22, 2018
DISCLAIMER: This post is just for fun and based on real-life observations of a really judgemental writer. The post is for those who like to have a good laugh but not for the easily offended, don't read if you have a faint heart.

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When you have it all, isn't it fabulous to be showing it off to the world, the expensive car, the flat abs, the dreamboat relationship, don't you just want to Snapchat it?
And what if you don't have it all but you still want to prove a point to all your exes and those judgemental relatives who always thought you are good for nothing?
 I feel you, being an adult is hard and making it big and having it all is harder, you have recently broken up and your ex has moved on and you are still sulking, your job sucks and you can barely pay the rent or feed yourself  (cont...)


(cont...) but inside you are determined that no matter what happens to you, you will show the world that you are rocking the game of life!

You pick yourself up and dust off your phone, put a shiny new cover on it and then decide that you may or may not have it all but you will show the world that you have everything they dream of having and you will Snapchat it!
Here are the 5 things you can do to show them that you have what it takes to Snapchat it!


You can start prowling on the streets for unmanned expensive cars, you might face the driver sitting inside or look silly to people passing by while you are on this project but then who cares!
The more expensive the car is the more your chances of winning on social media are! Find the car, stand in front of it, take a picture like you own it and Snapchat it!
Do not include the number plate, you might have to repeat this with another car of the same model! Viola! do this and get ready for congratulatory messages on the purchase of your new car! You have now made it to level 2 


You now go to expensive malls and shop a lot, but that's what your followers think while all you do is take empty shopping bags from various brands, fill them up with unnecessary junk, and smile and pose in front of the camera, paper bags hanging in the air as you extend your arms up and give an expression of extreme ecstasy.

Sometimes you wonder if you should have gone into acting as a career choice, you know your girlfriends are jealous whereas you are just Snapchatting it!


You now decide to take it a notch higher by hitting the most fabulous restaurant in town, put your name on the waitlist and charge your phone after downloading another app which has additional filters you can use.

Some make up a few dress changes later, you will be ready to own the VIP entry list like you were born to do this.

Get in, check in by putting a fabulous photo of yourself in the new hot spot in town and get out before the menu arrives, your followers will think you are everywhere happening, but make sure you do this with every new hotel and store and while you are at it, don't forget to Snapchat it!


What's fame without influential friends?

But how are you going to get those? The friends you already have will blabber out your entire Snapchat fame plan or better still copy it depending on how much they want to make it on Social media.

 Fear not! get some make-believe friends, Offer a light to some hot people who are smoking in a club in return for a selfie, title the picture as 'my friends' and just Snapchat it!


Now move to the next and final level, show some self-love and pampering on Snapchat.

Go to a salon and Snapchat saying, self-love, spending a day at the salon, get your eyebrows done, pay 50 rupees and get out, your purpose is solved! and yea! don't forget to Snapchat it 

Hope you enjoyed this fun post and yea if you like it, share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or yea just Snapchat it! or for some more fun, Snapchat jokes click here or click here to find out if you are a social media stalker


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