Why Would Hardcore Romantics Love Laila Majnu?

Nov 28, 2018

Love found and fulfilled easily don’t make for great love stories. Hardcore romantics believe in the triumph of love against all odds. Love is the core thought of Bollywood films, wars are fought in love, rebellions initiated, and films worth crores made for audiences.


Imtiaz Ali’s Laila Majnu is one such film that will be a delight to watch for hardcore romantics. It has all the ingredients of an epic love story set around the dramatic backdrops of Kashmir.

laila majnu
All Pics Courtesy : Zee5


Here are my reasons why everyone who is a romantic at heart should watch this movie….


The Plot: Two people, whose love for each other walks on the thin line between love and madness. With an excellent performance from Debutant Avinash Tiwary, the story of the film is set between two families who do not see eye to eye. You can see the emotional turmoil that the lead characters go through, divided between their family and love interest


Imitiaz Ali: Imtiaz Ali has a unique way of mixing Sufism and romance in his films. After delivering remarkable films like Rockstar, Highway, Love Aaj Kal as a director, Imtiaz Ali decided to branch out into writing with Laila Majnu. The fresh faces of his first time actors Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri cast a spell from frame to frame. He has woven his Sufi understanding of love in the dialogues and the screenplay making it an intense yet beautiful film to watch.


The Music: Hafiz Hafiz and O’Meri Laila are songs that are full of melody and love. They fit the storyline and touch the heart of the audience. The scenic shots would want you to go to Kashmir with your loved one and experience the beauty of the place yourself. The film is a visual delight for any romantic at heart, for me, it was a real break from seeing Switzerland as the location where most romantic Bollywood films are shot.

laila majnu
laila majnu

The Portrayal of the lead Characters: Both Laila and Qais the lead characters of the film are shown as individuals who are fun and frivolous, most romantics will identify with them. Laila played by Tripti Dimri is a fun, female character who thrives on the attention that she gets from men because of her beauty. She has a persona of her own. There are multiple layers to her character, and as the film progresses, you see the serious side of her personality and an array of emotions that she goes through.

Qais played by Avinash Tiwary also has multiple facets to his character. The naughtiness in the first half and the poetic madness in the second half, Avinash does justice to both the colours of Majnu.


Take some time out and watch this beautiful film on ZEE5 with your Bae, if you are a die-hard romantic you will thoroughly enjoy this film. The quest of love, the endless struggles to get united with each other and Majnu’s pain might even bring you to tears, but then isn’t love worth it all!


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