5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Diet and Exercise

Jun 7, 2018

Exercise and Diet are the two most important factors for anyone attempting to lose weight. I had gained a few kilos due to a sedentary lifestyle in the recent months and was feeling so frustrated when the scale didn't move even when I was back to dieting and exercising. 

But soon enough I discovered that there are a few more factors that were standing in my way of weight loss. Here are 5 reasons why that stubborn weight might not be leaving you like it wasn't leaving me 


Not Drinking Enough Water

I never finished my 8-10 glasses of water daily ritual, until I realised that I am stalling my weight loss by dehydrating myself, most of the times I grabbed a snack thinking I am hungry when I was just thirsty. Furthermore, I was increasing the load on my kidneys by not giving it enough fluid leading to even more fluid retention in my body.

I immediately took control of the situation and changed my routine and now I make sure I drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, you can click here to read why water is extremely necessary for weight loss.


Consuming More Calories than Being Burnt 

As much as I ate healthy food, I ate lots of it. Dieting just doesn't mean not gobbling fried food, but it also means maintaining a calorie count that helps you eat the required amount of calories and not more.

I downloaded an app called healthifyme on my phone and logged in each and every food I ate, thus limiting my calorie intake to the required number and making sure I did not eat too much hummus and too many slices of brown bread thinking I was eating healthy.


Not working Out Intensely

I also figured that my workouts had started to feel too easy, so I upped the ante.

I shifted from mild cycling to high-intensity exercise, in just 30 minutes i would be sweating and running out of breath with a combination of body workouts and pilates.

I realised that after a point just walking or cycling at a low pace was just not enough if i was serious to get any results. You can also click here and find out how to stay social even when you don't eat out


Giving too much importance to weight

I got on the weighing machine every single day and that was my worst mistake. I was constantly obsessing about how the scale wasn't moving even when I was looking leaner and my clothes felt looser than before.

Focus on inch loss and forget about the weighing machine. Would you care about the weighing scale if you looked great, I won't!


Not getting enough sleep

I forced myself to stay up at night even after a long day, I would watch TV or just play games on my phone even when it was time to hit the sack and that really led to the scale not moving.

The body needs to rest and recover and for that sleep is most important. Lack of sleep leads to the higher release of the stress hormone cortisol, which increases your appetite and then leads to binging.

I now keep my phone far far away from my bed and sleep on time and guess what? The scale is moving and the weight is dropping like it should!


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