5 reasons why you should avoid talking about your personal life at work

Jun 8, 2017
The less people know about you at work , the lesser is the possibility of you becoming the common gossip. By giving intimate details from your personal life to colleagues , you expose yourself to unnecessary rumors.
If you want to rise in the ranks you have to exhibit strength and control . Discussing your personal problems with work mates can give the perception of a life imbalance that can stall your way to growth. Watch what you reveal and how much you reveal to stay in control .
Enjoy the spotlight that you earn due to your work and not because of emotional breakdowns . Keep your emotions in control , if necessary take a few days off to calm down and solve your personal issues because no one thinks Crying Cathy can be a boss girl!
No One is born free of Judgement, even your closest friends judge every move you make, a secret not shared is a secret kept safe .
Your trusted friend at work can turn into a foe any day . Friendship goes through many ups and downs and a downer with a friend from work can harm you professionally as well as personally, watch out for that frenemy at work.


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