Holi Songs so clichéd, we wish we could escape from listening to them this Holi!

Feb 28, 2018
holi songs

"Holi Songs". I would probably just say these two words together and the list of the most clichéd Bollywood Hindi songs will start playing in your ears. If you are not a fan of Holi like me, you would probably just lock yourself up in a room and hear these songs blaring from a speaker in a distant party.
Let's celebrate the fun in the clichéd by remembering these Holi songs that we will soon have the honour of listening to in a few days.

holi songs

Rang Barse: Silsila

Besides listening to this popular song on almost all Holi parties, i have witnessed this song being played on various news channels in reference to Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha's rumoured romance back in the 1980's.

Nevertheless it is an over used Holi song, many lovers of this Bollywood classic might be grinding their teeth while they read this, but i am just saying, we can do with some new songs on the Holi playlist.
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holi songs

Holi Ke Din: Sholay

Sholay, the classic film of 1975 gave us many iconic things, like Gabbar and the friendship of Jai and Veeru. But the Holi song it gave to our Holi playlist can never be matched.

The song features in every year's Holi parties across the globe. How can any Holi-day be complete without this classic!

holi songs

Do me a favour: Waqt

I don't know why i can't get over the nasal tone of Sunidhi Chauhan's voice in this ever so popular Holi song. I love Sunidhi Chauhan and i do not know whether she loves this song or not but what we can be sure of is that party people at Holi gatherings certainly do. 

Anu Mallik has added his voice to the song in a way that no one can forget this song even if they want to forget it.


holi songs

Balam Pichkaari: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani 
This song is a comparatively latest entrant on the Holi playlist, but still feels like it's been ages since i have been listening to it. Deepika and Ranbeer dancing to the tunes of this modern day Holi hit seemed like a breath of fresh air for a while but now after hearing it on a loop in many Holi parties it seems like an over kill.

But with Deepika Padukone's career going strong and two holi songs in her kitty, would asking for another Holi song picturised on her, be asking for too much?

holi songs

Holi Khele Raghuveera: Baghbaan
Yet another Amitabh Bachchan song that will be heard in Holi parties. After the release of Baghbaan in 2003, the DJs quickly added this song to their Holi playlist and haven't removed it from there till date.
I love listening to all these songs, but not together in that particular order and not all on the same day and not on one particular day year after year after year.
Have a Happy Holi and If you need some DIY tips to refresh your skin after your Holi party click here 


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