Jim Jungle Retreat Inspired – 5 Cost Effective decor Ideas For Animal Lovers

Nov 3, 2017
Animal themed and quirky, these salt and pepper shakers add a lot of magic to the tables at Jim Jungle Retreat, Corbett . You can also buy them at 
As you enter the reception you will spot these crocodile shaped benches. They are comfortable and might remind you of the story of the monkey and the crocodile. If you have an outdoor garden, these can fit in perfectly.
Let there be light! These lanterns can give your home a warm and cozy feeling especially if hung outdoors. If you live in Delhi, rush to Amar colony for a sweet bargain on a few colourful ones.
Even though a lot of DIY geniuses have transformed wicker baskets into hanging lights, this one is most Indianised version that i have ever seen . How cool is this project!
This one blew my mind. A leaf twisted into a cup like shape, held together by a toothpick, made a beautiful soap dish. The pebbles arranged neatly on the leaf, saved the soap from dissolving. Another DIY project to try on the weekend.


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