5 ways to lose weight and still stay social

Nov 19, 2017

Want to lose weight and still stay social? Imagine this, you are sticking to your diet and it's showing results, and just about then you get an invite to a dinner or a meal that you can't skip. Someone pushes a dish full of calorie loaded food towards you and you can't decline because you are too polite! Boom, there goes the diet and the next morning you are full of guilt and a kilo heavier on the scale. Stuck with that situation? Here are Five ways to win through when you want to stay fit and social at the same time!

When your friends decide to hit a new place to try the food, accompany them but before you do that, make it perfectly clear that you are going for them and not for the food, if they attach friendship with eating, tell them that your goals are very important to you and ask them for support. Don't forget to carry your snack with you so that you don't end up eating junk food just because you are hungry.

Don't be ashamed to say no. You will often hear dialogues like, "One bite won't make a difference" or "I made this especially for you". Be polite but firm. Talk about how much effort it is to work on a fitness regime. Talk about how you wake up everyday at 5am for your walk on a foggy winter morning or how you are paying a fees to your nutritionist to stay on track. Appreciate their effort but do let them know that your efforts to stick to a healthy diet take a lot of effort too.

Make some new friends who enjoy low calorie meals or fitness activities just like you. Go grab a salad with a friend who is trying to stay fit or on go on a light jog to keep each other motivated. If your friends can't make you eat a cookie when you don't want to eat it then don't expect them to change over night and start eating lettuce with you. Instead make some new friends and find other activities with your old friends which do not involve eating.

Be Independent. When i asked my readers on Instagram to list the reasons why people can't stick to their diet @dreviscerator said that exercise and being healthy is a lifestyle change and not a fad as considered by most people and that leads to failure. Even if your friends don't share the same passion for a healthy lifestyle or don't live close by to attend a fitness class with you, don't let it stop you from going for a run or do some yoga at home and make a permanent change. Follow @fivereasonsforeverything at Instagram or Facebook to share your opinion on any of my blogposts.


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