New Year Resolutions: 5 Social Media Resolutions we need to make in 2018

Dec 29, 2017
New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions are on everyone's mind at this time of the year. While losing weight seems like a top favourite year after year, i felt like new year resolutions around what i post or see on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter and other social media are also needed. So here are 5 social media resolutions that i want to stick to in 2018, to make my social media experience more fun and less boring...

New year resolutions

Say No to the Selfie

I am so bored of the 'selfie'. Taking a selfie is so passé and liking one on social media is even a bigger bore. In 2018 i have resolved to be a part of zero selfies and like no-one else's selfies. I miss the tradition of taking a picture which shows other things than a person's face with a made up expression. 2018 should be the year of no selfie obsession! 

new year resolutions

When in Doubt, please don't Pout!

Everyone, almost every one has a picture where they are pouting on social media. Not only women but also men! It's time to bring back the natural expressions. I have resolved to frown, smile, laugh, smirk, do anything but not pout in any of my pictures. The stars started pouting, the girls followed it, made the men and kids learn it and then overdosed us all. This year will be to more smiling and less pouting! Amen.

new year resolutions

Don't Start with the Star Kids 

I have never seen as many pictures of the kids from my own family as i have seen of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. He is not the only star kid hovering the social media space, there is Aaradhya Bachchan, Misha Kapoor, Abram Khan, Sarah Ali Khan, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, Aryan Khan and many many more. All i see, and everywhere i see on social media, i see star kids and their over exposed lives. I am going to give myself a break and look up a few kids whose parents i know for real on all my profiles in the coming year.

Image Courtesy: Youtube

New Year Resolutions

Those Sloppy Birthday dedications with Pictures 

In the beginning those were fun, someone who had never acknowledged us publicly puts up a nice picture of us on their profile and writes a sloppy emotional essay about how awesome we are, on our birthday. Aww! so cute. Then we did the same for our parents, siblings, friends, lovers, pets and it seemed like an awesome idea before it became excessive, repetitive and forced. This year I am staying far away from social media display of affection.

New Year Resolutions

The Gym Pictures 

Those ones come from the boys, flex a muscle, put it up on snapchat, lift a dumbbell live on Facebook, hang from a bar upside down and post it on Instagram. In the past few years i have seen more and more men flaunt their bare chests on social media than ever before and it's not even that enticing. I want to totally avoid looking at gym pictures from my friends in 2018. 

Now that i have made these resolutions, i wonder if my social media feed will become less exciting or more fun. Let's wait and watch! Happy New Year.


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