Noida MiniSo-The Super Cool store for affordable beauty and lifestyle products


Noida has this fantastic store, which is affordable, has great products and is so much fun to be in! 

I recently happened to visit MiniSo in DLF Mall of India and when I saw their products and prices, I swear I felt like breaking into a happy dance.

Lifestyle, beauty, travel accessories, stationery, bags, digital products, socks, you name it and they have it!

Still unimpressed? Would you still be, if I told you products start at a price as less as 150 Indian Rupees? Scroll ahead to see what I got!


Neck Pillows starting from 450 INR

Neck Pillows are amazing at MiniSo, DLF Mall of India.

The neck pillow is my travel must, for other things I carry with me for a comfortable travel you can click here.

I got the pink one for just 450 INR. It is soft, comfortable and the price is so good! There is a variety of headrest, neck pillows and armrests in many colours. 


MiniSo Cotton Pads for 150 INR

This pack of cotton pads has sheets which are textured differently on both sides, with one side soft, fine, and flat and the other side with a textured cotton sheet.

After I have bought this product the hassle of using my toner and removing my make up with a cotton ball has gone! Unlike the cotton ball, it doesn't absorb and waste the product and the thinness of the sheets makes it easy to carry them in a makeup kit.

Love, love, love this product and its pricing!


The Eyelash Curler Starting At 150 INR

This beautiful green eyelash curler has become my favourite, I bought it from MiniSo and I love its steady grip and the results it gives.

For a better result, I heat it mildly by blowing some hot air on it with my blow drier and then curl my eyelashes. Just be very careful while using this tip, make sure the eyelash curler is not too hot when you use it or it can burn your lashes.

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Stationery at various prices starting at 150 INR 

Coloured pens, notepads, markers, pencils, there is so much variety for the stationery lover!

I picked up a couple coloured pens just in my excitement of seeing such affordable stationery.

Besides the stationery, you should also visit for affordable soft toys for kids. Charging wires for your phone, slippers, doormats and much much more!


Bags and Other Products

MiniSo has many stores in Delhi NCR.  You can click here to know more about the store closest to you with goodies from this wonderful Japanese Designer Brand. 

Though I didn't buy bags because I didn't need any, I saw some beautiful bags and square wallets that can fit perfectly into a woman's bag. There are many items for both men and women which makes this store a must visit.


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