5 reasons why a little insecurity can be good for your relationship

Jun 27, 2017
A healthy level of insecurity ensures you feel needed all the time , its an indirect way of showing you are valued so much that your partner fears losing you
A slightly insecure partner knows that a relationship needs constant work and the chances of him/her taking you for granted are less
A moderately insecure partner keeps you in check from making casual mistakes that can be fatal to any stable relationship, rules trump temptations and keeps the faith alive in the long run
A little bit of insecurity keeps things exciting in a relationship, no one likes a partner who doesn't fume a little every time you check out another hottie!
A little insecurity is a big sign of love. Most partners feel flattered with a little show of jealousy. But too much insecurity can mean a lack of faith in a relationship, watch out from that little devil !


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