5 Reasons your new boy BFF is a Creep

May 17, 2017
He is the best friend that you have , but he doesn't seem to approve of anyone you date. Not only that , he doesn't get off your back till you have assured him that you wouldn't date the guy he doesn't like!
He doesn't need a particular reason to shower you with gifts and surprises . You might think he is a really sweet friend but be alarmed, the friend might be waiting to win you over by throwing some extra goodies your way!
Even though he plays nice when he hangs out with your friends but still tries to create chances where you and him get to hang out alone.He seems to enjoy you and your company more than you seem to understand!
He wants your family and friends to know him,  goes an extra mile to help you out while planning a family vacation and asks for your permission to wish your friends on their birthdays!
He wants to be a part of everything that you do , is always available and  never says no to any plan that you make . Sometimes, it might seem like he doesn't have a life of his own !


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