Alone But Not Lonely – 5 ways to enjoy being single and living alone

Jun 12, 2018

Have you ever really been alone? And by alone I mean, truly happy just being with yourself, reading a book or enjoying the silence or just doing nothing.

And this I do not mean for a day, for a week or even for a month but for a longer time, making the choice of living alone, waiting for the right companion to arrive or choosing to spend your time doing something great for yourself rather than being around people just because you are too scared to be lonely?
Here are my 5 tips on how to master the art of being alone and happy.


Identify what you truly love doing and then do it alone!

Sit with yourself and identify what is that you truly enjoy doing, is it learning a new language? Getting really fit? Just do it without waiting for anyone else to join you while you achieve these things.

I truly enjoy working out and when I realised that I waited for no one to go to the gym with me, I enjoy learning how to apply makeup and practise alone and wait for none of my girlfriends to develop the same interests as me. 'Alone' time when spent on chasing your personal goals reduces dependence on other people and leads to a great sense of fulfilment and self-love.


Go, Solo!

What is it that you would never do alone?

Go to the movies? Go Shopping? Travel the world? Never wait for your friends to get free for you to do what you need to do, make yourself your first priority and do what you need to do with or without them.


Rather than cribbing that you have no one to go along with, try enjoying your own company and finding a friend in your own self.


Have future Plans and work on them starting now!

Are you waiting to get a dream home or a new car or just slacking on your retirement plan because you are waiting for the day you won't be single anymore?

Get on planning your future today, the plan can be as small as getting a new phone or as big as planning a year-long sabbatical from work.

If you have a plan you have something to motivate you daily, small or long-term goals keep you happy because you have a vision for yourself and something to look forward to.


Befriend yourself and Cut the Noise!

Be your own best friend and have a lot of mindful conversations with yourself, listen to everyone and seek advice but pay heed to your own advice the most.

You can focus on what is best for you when you spend some quality time with yourself listening to your inner voice and guidance system. Practise some self-love and don't be over critical of yourself. 

Forgive yourself for past mistakes and go easy on yourself.


Protect your Vibe

Don't overindulge negative people who always sulk and find no positivity in life. Such people can bring you down more than you imagine. If you live alone you have to work double on yourself to stay positive.

 Surround yourself with positive, hopeful people who inspire you. 

Hear of success stories and talk of great happiness, meditate, pray or just listen to happy music to keep your vibe solid and positive. Click here to find out the wrong reasons to jump into a relationship

Always remember Alone is not Lonely! 


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