First love and then Hate? Avoid these mistakes if you want your relationship to last

Dec 19, 2017
first love
First love and then hate, how did you get there? We often wonder what lead to a relationship being a disaster and how someone who loved us so much starts hating us in time.
Here are some horrible mistakes to avoid if you want to save your relationship.
first love
Involving Friends or Family in your fights
This is the first thing to avoid, every couple fights and what's between two people should remain between them. Involving friends or family would spoil your image as a couple and make you prone to judgements. In such situations friends or family might also suggest breaking up with each other since they don't find you a perfect fit. 
first love
Violating their personal space
Unless and until your partner has given you a reason to suspect them, the right thing to do is to not violate their space. 
Don't keep a tab on how much time they spend with their friends versus how much time they spend with you. Find your own balance and private time as a couple. Don't compete with their friends or family and try to own them.
first love
Don't Insult them or hurt their ego
Even when you are upset with your partner, insulting them by calling them names, snapping at them in front of other people, telling them off in public can do irreparable damage. 
Show them affection and maybe buy a gift if you want to.
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first love
Don't be a Groupie
Don't follow your partner wherever they go, don't be his or her groupie.
That way you give the impression of not having a life of your own and not letting them live theirs.
Don't tag along on all boys holidays, parties with friends, dinners with relatives.
Let your partner have their time, be special, don't suffocate them with you presence even when not required.

first love
Don't expect them to give up their passions to make time for you
If your partner has a passion that they chase and give time to, give them ample space to pursue it. If they like to wake up and go to the gym early, don't keep them up by talking on the phone till 2 am.
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