Love & Relationships: Why New Love is cuter than a Kitten!

Apr 26, 2018

Love is something that we all need. Love is something that we all chase. Love is something when found, makes us feel things we never knew we were capable of feeling. 

Here are five things that everyone has either done or experienced when in a new relationship that makes new love absolutely adorable!

Those late night phone calls

It's like you can't stop talking to each other. There is so much to share, talk about and so many sweet things to say to each other.

You practically spend the entire night talking and then reach college or work half asleep, hungover on the newly found love that warms your heart and keeps you awake the next night as well. 

Enjoy the getting to know each other nighttime phone calls, once you know too much, you might not talk on the phone that much. 


Making plans to meet and holiday together

Why be far apart when you can be close. Every Day involves googling new restaurants and holiday spots that you both can explore together. 
Everything seems new, the same dish that you have eaten in the same restaurant a hundred times seems to taste more delicious than ever. You want to go everywhere together.

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Making time when there is no time

When the relationship is new, rules are broken, schedules are changed and time is made just to meet each other, even if it is for ten minutes. There are no planned meetings and the biggest surprise you give each other is the gift of time.

Most couples in the first few months of their relationship, can't go a day without seeing each other and make time to just say hi or to have a cup of coffee between their busy schedules or tight parental permissions.


Dress to Impress

A great time is invested in looking perfect for each other. Both partners make an effort to look good. 

I know some couples who don't even believe in wearing the same dress or shirt that they wore to a date the last time.

Everyone is on their best behaviour, the man pays the bill and pulls the chair for the lady and the lady curls her eyelashes before he picks her up for dinner.

Such are the cute times of early love! Until the relationship becomes a little old and pyjamas become the cool date night outfit.


Too close is also not so close

Couples who just start dating, can't get enough of each other. Too close is also really far apart. There is a lot of hand-holding and hugging in public and the physical display of the affection is in abundance. 

Newly married couples in India also experience the same 'New Love' feelings and are seen canoodling in public. It's a beautiful expression of love.

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