Friends Of The Lover: How To Recognise 5 types of Friends BAE has!

Mar 31, 2018

You meet this wonderful person and go on a few dates, things go well and then you get into a relationship. As time passes you get introduced to 'the friends'. Slowly and gradually you start hearing their names in a lot of conversations and at times you find yourself in a strange place, wondering what their deal is.

Here is my fun guide on how to recognise 5 types of friends that your partner has. These 5 friends exist in both genders and are sometimes annoying and sometimes just amusing!


The Tag Along Friend
Wherever you both go, the friend follows. The tag-along friend is the friend who wants to go everywhere with you and your girl. Be it the movies, the concerts, the luncheons, the tag along friend is always there with BAE.
Sometimes they are self-invited and sometimes your girl is too polite to tell her bestie to stay home and give you two some space. 
If you meet one of this type, ask your partner to find a polite way to communicate your feelings to their friend since you don't feel comfortable with taking them to your date.


The I want to know everything Friend
This kind of friend is an easy find. You will feel like you have no privacy and everything that you both share is known by the over interested friend.
Are you guys serious? Are you guys meeting this weekend? they ask a million questions and even if your partner tries to hide details from them, they don't stop asking and lying becomes awkward. 
The only solution out of this to ask BAE to share less and less with their friend until the day the friend stops asking or better still set boundaries with an open conversation about privacy.  


The Just Got Single Friend
The world is a playground for the just got single friend. After their break up they want to drag BAE to all the singles mixers and late night parties since they have fled their own love coop. 
You are mostly not invited to these parties since the friend is on the hunt and BAE doesn't want you to intrude when he needs to play wingman to their closest friend. 
I don't see what you can do in such a situation except praying that the single friend finds someone soon.

The Lonely Committed Friend
This type is in a relationship but loves to socialise, shop and holiday not with their partner but with yours. This friend would rather have your BAE spend all their time with them, filing their time, space and entertaining them rather than being with you.
But if your partner is clear about their priorities,  this sort of friend can be easily dealt with by accepting only a few social invitations and declining others.

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The EX who turned into an over possessive friend
OMG! if your partner has one of those, then i just wonder how you even let that happen? The ex is a problem and the over possessiveness is a clear sign that the ex is not over your boo. 
Drop the knife on this friendship while you still can. Ask BAE to say bye bye to the ex who is pretending to be a friend and get the pressure off your relationship. If they love you and have moved on they will understand and wean away from this friend.

You can look for these signs to figure out if BAE's BFF is a creep


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