5 Effective Tips Every Woman Needs For An Easy And Comfortable Long Haul Flight

Apr 15, 2018

With the travel season approaching and us planning to take our fancy trips, comes the fear of the ever so boring experience of being on a long-haul flight. If you are going to travel to a destination which involves more than 8 hours of flight time, you know there are going to be some tiring experiences and these experiences are not just going to end at a simple jet lag.

Here are 5 tips I use to make my travel time in a flight more comfortable, every woman should use these tips to make sure they can enjoy a long flight without the fear of catching an infection from an overused toilet and cramping in a small seat.


Stand and Pee and Vaginal Wipes

The most discomforting thing about long-haul flights is the toilets, most of the time women avoid drinking water on a plane to avoid going to the lavatory. Staying hydrated is extremely important when you are mid-air.

Carry the stand and pee and vaginal wipes in your cabin bag, that way you don't have to sit on the seat and the hygiene issue would be taken care of. Be fearless and sip water throughout, use the aeroplane lavatory without catching germs and avoid dehydration. 


Carry A Neck Pillow

Carry a neck Pillow, when you are on a flight and planning to get some shut-eye, your neck would find itself in a place where it is either looking for the co passenger's shoulder or just hanging from side to side until you get a neckache.

A neck pillow will keep your head in place and support your neck. Sleeping on the plane is a challenge in itself, the neck pillow will give you some comfort if not much. 


Give the Bra A skip

This is a tough one since you might be wondering how this is even possible. Ok, here is what I mean, wear a very comfortable sports bra. Stay away from padded, underwired, lace, push-up, half cup and all that jazz that make things tough. 

If you own a cotton bra which is a size or two loose, go with it. But never ever make the mistake of going in the wrong bra, it will make a long haul flight even longer due to the discomfort.


Stay Warm And Sanitary 

Carry a shawl and a hand sanitizer. The air conditioning can be moderate or high according to your taste, so always keep your shawl with you. 

Hand sanitizers also help when you want to eat something and don't want to make a run till the aeroplane lavatory. If you like a window seat, it's better to use a hand sanitizer rather than waking up the passengers in the middle and the aisle seat in order to wash your hands.


Sleep Masks and Ear Plugs

Sleep masks and Ear Plugs are two more important things to carry with you when you are on a long-haul flight. 

You can't object to a fellow passenger wanting to read or watch the in-flight entertainment system when you want to sleep.

You also cannot put a  passenger's howling baby to sleep when it's your bedtime.

The earplugs and the sleep masks will help you sleep on the plane. If you are looking at travelling to New York, click here to read about 5 fabulous reasons to visit the city.



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