5 Reasons why you should visit Chopta

Oct 11, 2017
8790 feet above sea level lies a place which will take you closer to God. A place with divinity and nature's untouched beauty, Chopta, Uttarakhand is a region worth exploring for all those who are seeking solace from the crowd and noise of their daily lives. No noise, no pollution and no mobile signals, the escape this place offers is a big reason to be here!
If you like adventure, then the Tungnath Trek is for you. The view of majestic peaks of Panchchuli, Nanda Devi, Nilkanth and Kedarnath will keep you amazed as you reach Tungnath, which is the highest temple of Garwal .
Though warm water is scarce but you will still find decent camps to spend the night in . Secluded from the city this place will make your plastic money useless and will give you a camping experience in the lap of nature!
As you make your way in to the Shiv temple of Tungnath, you will feel a divineĀ  presence in the ambience of the temple . The bells of the temple will echo in the pin drop silence of the mountains, stirring a godly connection inside you. Tungnath offers moments of peace and tranquility to trekkers and devotees and can easily be called a spiritual experience.
And last but not the least, if you are pressed on time and starting the trip from Delhi , you can experience so much beauty , divinity and adventure in just three to four days . Leave time behind on this short trip!


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